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Exceptional Exterior Design 

When designing your perfect little slice of heaven or backyard paradise, we can help with ideas and implementation based off years of experience. We can help design a layout and plan that suits you and your oasis.

We can offer 3D renderings of site plans, with your ideas, eye-catching foliage arrangements in beds for a lush and full concept, or, minimalist design with modern succulents and Polished Beach Pebble Rock

Hardscaping, patio additions, in-set paver lighting, walkway additions, raised garden bed planters, knee-high accent walls, custom firepits, endless options of accent rocks and boulders.

We can install mature trees, palm trees, hedgerows, garden beds, native and tropical foliage from various nurseries offering a wide range of botanica to choose from.

From start to finish, we are committed to bringing the yard of your dreams - to reality.


"A Garden State of Mind"

A glimpse from the years gone past would reveal self-sufficient households, keen on preparedness, sustainability, true grit among other values, and the wholesome pride found in the "old ways". Here we are in the 21st century with grocery stores and similar to provide, allowing for the disappearance of those values; we believe it is imperative to reintroduce these values, and are here to help you get the green ball rolling. 


We Can Help - From Start to Harvest

Creating your own self sufficiency doesn't just begin with planting and watering, there are multiple stages involved; including planning, area prep, landscape modification, irrigation control and supply. Preparing your landscape to ensure a productive harvest is essential; and if done properly, will enable you to continue your sustainability for years to come. 

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