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Tropical Leaves

Garden & Harvest


The first step to the process is identifying a plan of goals for your space. This could be a simple herb garden, raised beds of veggies or even greenhouses built to spec

Planting & Harvesting

We get it all going for you in the best possible way. From choosing the right crop for the region and conditions to properly harvesting for healthy plants.

Raised Bed   Construction

We can design and construct raised garden beds at your home. Raised garden beds help give us the root depth and aeration we need for strong healthy plants to thrive

Area Preparation

In order to create a new space, existing spaces must be altered. We can take care of all that. Sod removal, fill dirt install, proper soil pH preparation and more

Plant Feeding & Health

Healthy, productive plants need nutrients, but in Florida, nutrients run right through sandy soil; we have natural options available to help gardens thrive

Greenhouse Construction

There are many different types of plant houses we can build for you; hoop-houses, partial greenhouses, cabinet greenhouses, all are essential for shielding plants from the hot Florida sun


Composting is an essential part of successful gardening, and can be done conveniently and discreetly at home, alongside your gardens

Tips & Advice

We will never stop helping! Tons of educational materials to help answer common questions, bridged with years of experience to help you along the way



Like what you see? Write us your goals and we'll reach out ASAP!

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