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Artificial Turf Solutions

"It's just like grass, but better"

Everything you love about real grass, without maintenance

With artificial grass, we can create solutions for your landscape. For this project, the client wanted a superior high-grade patch of turf just outside the pool area to mitigate slippery surfaces near the poolside and another area adjacent the house to keep pool toys and floaties dirt-free when stored. With turf, we are able to find a solution for both of these areas while maintaining a clean modern styling that ties the yard together.


Artificial Pet Turf

This client in an HOA needed a solution for their pups and Pet Turf was the best possible option! This area was unused due to the chance of their pets running away during potty breaks; but now they are secure in the yard and can do their business! Automatic sprinkler systems can be retrofitted to spray down the areas and keep it clean. Additional measures can be taken to disinfect the area like Bio Turf BioS+ hose application


Custom Putting Green Areas

Wet grass
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